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Custom furniture how to maintain


Custom furniture because on the one hand can make full use of space in the House, on the other hand can be personalized to meet the young life of the pursuit, but if ignoring the living room space and his family used to coordinate, but counter-productive. First family according to the number of members and to determine the kind and size of the product. If the House area is limited, but slightly more, customized furniture to save space, when you select the closets, cabinets and other products in the model should be as simple as possible, volumes are relatively small. Moreover, in the purchase or custom-made wardrobe stage thinking what type of clothing is much better, additional space. Custom furniture should be how to maintain it?
Wardrobe when there is dust on the surface, using a duster or soft cloth to dust, if there are stains on the surface, sand-scoured clean of wax should be used. Metal parts with a dry soft cloth, do not use chemical cleansers or acidic cleaning liquid, found it difficult to remove the black spots on the surface, a little kerosene to clean. Second, try to avoid any damage or scratch surface of the wardrobe, if minor scratches and bumps on the surface, cloth and ashes rubbed with lemon juice mixture, dry wax.
Check the connector regularly and found loose fastening in a timely manner, and inject a small amount of lubricating oil. Cleaning available half wet rag and wipe the Cabinet, doors, do not use corrosive cleaning agents. Tracks dust with a vacuum cleaner or small brush to clean, frames, levers and other metal parts with a dry cloth. Clean gently with a feather duster dusting, and in case of pollution should be wiped with a clean, soft cloth. Never use hard objects to clean the surface. Avoid acid, alkaline chemicals and other contact surface.
Avoid dragging the small pieces of furniture when you want to move, and the bottom to carry furniture, oversized furniture the best professional help. Internal temperature and humidity should be maintained, so as not to cause furniture components such as shrinkage and cracking and deformation. Activities such as guides on drawers and doors of metal parts regularly add lubricating oil. Periodically turn the furniture door, drawer, remove the item, its ventilation and dehumidification. Avoid furniture long exposure to sunlight, or near heating furnace, fireplace.
Periodically check the hinges, slides, eccentric piece of hardware, such as a strong degree of found loose and fixed immediately. Unable to deal with, consult your store sold or repaired. Avoid fragrances that contain chemical reagent for the wardrobe in addition to taste, because they are likely to cause damage to the material. Avoid rinse or use is cloth made of plywood wardrobe, don't soak in alkaline water to prevent plywood glue or retting, do not use corrosive cleaning agents.
Avoid washing with alkali water or water closets placed on high concentrations of alcohol, banana oil and boiling water, boiling hot something, to prevent damage to the paint. Customized products are able to meet the diverse needs of people, but is not standard in many ways, if there is a problem, the interests of consumers cannot be guaranteed. So, when consumers choose custom furniture, not blindly pursue individuality while ignoring the quality of household products, custom made furniture.