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Dining daily maintenance tips!


Above the dining table equipped with appropriate lighting, both people enjoy food "color" of the United States, but also to create a charming atmosphere. Dressing table and family and friends to enjoy a cooking dinner, thick, and all in one. Dining tables and chairs the appearance directly affects people's appetite, so Dining chairs do the proper maintenance it is necessary today for everyone to talk about how to protect the dining tables and chairs.
If you forgot to use a Potholder on the table, after eating a meal, left on the table in a circle of white scale, should we do? Teach you a move below: camphor oil stained cotton wipe back and forth along the traces of white scale. If you want to clear the white scale on the glass, in a place with white scaling down some of the stain of oil, and wipe with old stockings.
Woven material dining tables and chairs, especially for leather and cloth, if food juices drip onto dining tables and chairs, not right away, it will have a color or leaving a stain. If soup has been killed, try these Dining chairs and maintenance methods: wood dining tables and chairs available hot cloth to remove dirt, then depending on the dye patch. Part of the cortex to dirt first clean with a rag, then use special dyes complementary. Fabric parts with a brush dipped in 5% concentration of SOAP and warm water, brush off dirty parts, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.
Dinette is scratching problems occur most often in families with children, don't worry, you can solve the problem: there are color of wooden tables and chairs can be used to dye do complementary work in the injured area, after the dye, then upper light wax evenly. Using wood flooring repair fluid or slight scratches on the tables and chairs can be easily removed. Leather dining tables and chairs and maintenance when available needle and broken places sewn up, then coated with professional dyeing patching solution slightly modified.
Solid wood dining table, its biggest advantage lies in the natural wood grain, and more natural color. Due to the natural wood is constantly breathing organisms, and you letter recommends that you place the appropriate temperature and humidity in the environment, while avoiding beverages, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If beauty resistance Board material, dang dirt more Shi, and June letter beauty recommends you can using diluted had of neutral clean agent junior to warm water first wipe once, again to water wipe try, remember to soft of dry cloth wipe to residual away from water stains, stay completely wipe NET Hou, again using maintenance wax mill bright, even done has, only has attention daily of clean and maintenance, to makes wood furniture lasting Milton new.
Marble easy pollution, should be less water when cleaning periodically wipe with a slightly damp cloth with a mild detergent, then wipe dry and Polish with a clean soft cloth. Badly worn marble furniture is difficult to handle, use steel wool to wipe, and then with an electric polishing machine polished, to restore luster. Or with liquid cleaning agent carefully polished, use lemon juice or vinegar to clean a stain, but not lemon-stay on top of more than 2 minutes, and if necessary, repeat, and then clean and dry. For minor scrapes, special marble cleaners and care agent available. For old or valuable marble furniture should be professional treatment.