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Rainy season known encyclopedia of home appliances maintenance


In late June, and slowly entered the rainy season, increased air humidity, low temperatures slowly. On a wet day, home materials and furniture if maintenance is not good, it's easy to damage. Recently heard a friend complain about home wooden furniture surface drops, paint color and even mouldy, does not know what to do with. Xiao bian here to remind the owners friends, continuous rainy weather, the furniture is easy to breed bacteria and worms in a wet environment, from solid wood furniture, fabric furniture, and tile, floor, there are insects, mold and other hazards. To avoid this kind of problem occurs outside the formal furniture in addition to selection, and effective pest control, the use must be carefully maintained.
Under normal circumstances, wipe with a damp towel or newspapers, in case of stains towel dipped in warm vinegar or beer erased, in addition you can also use glass cleaners sold on the market today, jiyong clean acidity strong solution. Pattern of the hair once the glass is dirty, moistened with detergent brush, wipe down the pattern circle can be removed. Alternatively, you can drop points on the glass kerosene or dipped in water with gesso coating on the glass, then wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, glass, clean and bright. In addition, use plastic wrap and detergent in a spray of wet cloth can also often oil-stained glass "reborn".
First of all, the glass full spray cleaner, fitted with cling film, solidified grease to soften after ten minutes and peel off the cling film, then wipe with a damp cloth. If you want to keep the glass clean and bright, and must always start cleaning, if the handwriting on the glass, available rubber friction immersion, then wipe with a damp cloth; if there is paint on the glass, available cotton dipped in hot vinegar scrub; with a clean, dry cloth moistened with alcohol to clean the glass, you can make it as bright as Crystal. Made of glass furniture is beautiful, but be careful. Usually do not force impact glass, scratches on the glass surface, preferably covered with cloth. Put aside when something in the glass furniture, you want to gently and avoid collisions. Glass furniture is best placed in a fixed place, don't move back and forth freely; smooth placed objects, preventing instability causes the center of gravity over the furniture.
Prevent the furniture from being the Sun. Whether it's solid wood furniture, Panel furniture and upholstered furniture is leather furniture, should try to avoid direct sunlight. To achieve this, try not to place the furniture in the sunlight on the one hand places if room space is limited on the other hand, furniture inevitably exposed to the Sun, to translucent gauze curtains on the Windows, it will not affect the lighting, can also block sunlight furniture, two birds with one stone. In addition, should also keep furniture away from heat source or air to avoid damage or premature aging because of the great temperature difference.
Avoid wet areas. Summer humidity, indoor walls, floors are likely to damp, so furniture should keep 0.5 cm-1 cm gap with the wall, to prevent it and the walls with damp. If the furniture is surface water, wipe with a soft, dry cloth, and try to keep the room ventilated. If ventilation is not satisfactory, you can use charcoal to absorb the moisture of the room or desiccant. For leather furniture, and metal parts of furniture, if there are damp with at once. Rattan furniture is not afraid humid, but on a hot day, and rattan through easy to mold or bacteria, so often to carry out cleaning and ventilation. Is in need of attention, after washing, do not dry in the hot sun rattan furniture or rattan easy deformation or fracture. Artificial Board furniture humidity, plates easily expanded and damaged, so use should be waterproof, can easily absorb water plus waterproof pads under the legs of furniture.
Summer addition to heat-and moisture-proof, maintenance of furniture, also note that daily cleaning. Among them, the type of furniture are relatively easy to clean, solid wood furniture and leather furniture care. Best solid wood furniture wax regularly, frequency of waxing once every 3 months, and clean before waxing. When cleaning leather sofas, use damp cloth to wipe. Need to be aware of is that the pores of the leather will absorb the sweat, and the hot and humid weather will make the body sweat organisms react with leather and smelly, so summer should be ground clean leather furniture.