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Solid wood furniture and maintenance methods


1, dusting and maintenance
Prepare a soft dry towel and avoid wet, gently wipe the surface of the furniture, the texture of wood dust off. Throughout the whole process does not require any cleaning agent, so as not to stimulate the furniture surface.
2, cleaning and maintenance
If routine maintenance, professional wooden household cleaning agents can be used, can help remove the furniture in air contaminated by pollutants, soot, the excess wax.
3, to avoid scratches
Furniture in case of scratches did not only affect the appearance of furniture, will also affect the life of the furniture. So should try to avoid in using hard objects or metal product damage caused by direct contact with the furniture.
4, scratch repair
If you don't watch out minor scratches, you can choose wood of similar color and furniture wax, paint scratches, cracks filled in. In the region after the last wax, keep the gloss.
5, waxing and maintenance
Want to gloss durable solid wooden furniture, waxing is necessary, generally speaking, waxing once a quarter, using professional polishing wax for wood furniture regular maintenance can be carried out. Never use silicone Polish, it will destroy the coating of furniture, plug the pores of the wood, prejudice the permeability of wood.