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Factors influencing, solid wood furniture

1, the temperature effect
Solid wood furniture is the most appropriate place temperature 18-24 degrees, high or low temperature can influence the life of the furniture. Also note that avoid placing furniture near sources of heat or air conditioning outlet location because of dramatic temperature changes can cause the furniture looked "damaged", affecting life.
2, humidity
Solid wood furniture and humidity should be kept at 35 degrees to 40 degrees within the environment. If the furniture will be in a humid environment for a long time, parts of the wood, like solid wood drawer front because of expansion and deformation. So if the House is too humid, you can use the dehumidifier for humidity in the air, makes the air dry, reduce the deformation of furniture.
3, lighting effects
Solid wood furniture in the sunlight for a long time can cause tiny cracks because UV coated surface, black, faded or the case. Therefore, the furniture to avoid direct sunlight, and available when you need curtains block the sunlight.


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